Academic English Writing 1

Learn the foundations of professional academic English writing, especially for international peer-reviewed journals.

🕑 2 hours (15 short topics)
🇬🇧 clear, simple English
🖥 interactive slideshow
🎧 narration + full transcript
✔ 5 downloadable checklists
📜 quizzes + certificate

Luke Kenyon graduated with a BA (Hons) in English and Creative Writing from the University of Bolton in 2002. He moved to Japan in 2004, and spent 9 years teaching a wide range of focused English curricula to non-native speakers, awakening an interest in copy editing and the STM industry.

Luke joined Edanz in December 2013, where he applies his knowledge of the writing process, his love of language and his attention to detail as a valued member of the Quality Control Editing Team.

Dr. Trevor Lane has over 20 years of experience helping authors communicate their research findings and ideas in English-language journals, conferences, reports, proposals, and social and mass media.

He holds an MA in Biochemistry and Chemical Pharmacology and a PhD in Physiological Sciences (molecular and cellular biology of cancer) from the University of Oxford. He held postdoctoral research positions in clinical oncology and genetics in Hong Kong, after which he served in a variety of senior editorial roles in academic, research, and publishing institutions.

Scott McCleary published his first software title at 16 and has worked in digital media ever since. He now specializes in online lifelong learning and holds a Master’s degree in Education Technology from the University of Southern Queensland. 

Scott has developed and/or taught courses for more than forty organizations, including Benesse, Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Merck, and Deutsche Bank, and developed academic courses for Komazawa University, Gakushuin University, Asia University, Kaetsu University, and the Berlin School of Economics and Law.


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